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Fariya and Ngala Host Camp

On October 15th, Ayimaba Charity Foundation paid a visit to two of the community camps located near Custom Area, Borno. The camps they paid a visit to was Fariya host community and Ngala host community. There were 35 households in total and Ayimaba charity distributed food items to each household. 

Pictured below are some of the individuals from the camp:

Grema’s Farmland

    July 2nd 2017, AyimabaCharity paid a visit to Alhaji Ahmed Grema’s farmland. The farmland has become a refuge for about 50-70 persons since the Boko haram terror. It shelters atleast 18 households and it has been in existence for approximately 3 years. 

       With Ayimaba being the first charity organisation to pay a visit to this community, they were delighted to hear from us. Ayimaba distributed 30 polythene bags which consisted of rice and beans. Each individual household received a bag.

Alhaji Grema, the man behind the refuge farmland

Fariya Camp 

May 25th 2017 Ayimaba Charity paid a visit to fariya camp. They were able to distribute millet, beans, plastic kettles, plastic cups, plastic spoons, plastic bowls, and incentives worth 500 each for 40 women to use in grinding the millet. 

The women were most especially grateful especially Hadiza Ali whom kept raining praises on the members of Ayimaba & praying that they do get to come back again. The children were also excited to see Ayimaba & their enthusiasm is that which cannot simply be described in words. 

Biafra IDP Camp

Although this is coming as a late post Ayimaba charity visited Biafra camp on the 15th of May 2017. They distributed rice and beans to forty-eight exisiting house holds. There were in total forty-eight rooms and each room was able to hold a maximum number of four or five kids. 

The people welcomed us with open arms most especially Mallam Bulama as he was in charge of the camp. The women were very excited and they kept raining praises at us. One of the women immediately began to cook the rice and beans as a way to show us how grateful & happy she was to see us around. 

Mallam Bulama together with Adam Bulama

Happy birthday Adam Bulama

The member’s of Ayimaba Charity would like to wish the CEO of Ayimaba charity, Adam Bulama a happy birthday. You have been an elder brother and a friend to all of us for the past two years. You have earnestly worked with sincerity to make this world a better place and we all appreciate that. You have inspired alot of people with your actions and words and we hope you will continue to do so, you have been a father to the fatherless and a brother to the brotherless. Allah ya barka kuma Allah yaja ranka. Allah yaja zamanin Ayimaba kuma Allah ya baka sa’a. Allah ya taimake ka kuma ya karfafa maka.

 Happy birthday Adam Bulama.