The Visit 2

So, I felt like I didn’t really explain much on our first post the first visit so I decided to write another piece explaining more elaborately concerning what happened.

The Ayimaba members visited the Fatima Ali sheriff orphanage in Borno, Nigeria on August 2015. The ayimaba members presented the orphanage with notebooks, sodas, indomie and a lot more. We also had the honor of having the presence of NTA {National Television Association}. It was a lot of fun and experience for the Ayimaba members and the orphanage were also pleased with our work.

“We are very thankful to have youths like you who are concerned about your community. its a pleasure to have you guys around here, May Allah grant you your heart desires and continue to bless you”

“Muna wa Allah godiya da akwai matasa irin ku wanda suka damu da al’umma  da kuma wayen su jamaa. Allah ya kara muku lafiya kuma ya karkafaku” Translated into Hausa. One of northern Nigeria’s and west African famous language.

The NTA crew with the Ayimaba CEO
The NTA crew with the Ayimaba CEO.
The Ayimaba members interacting with some of the kids
The Ayimaba members interacting with some of the kids.