The team members from Ayimaba Charity and Advocacy for Human Value foundation came together on January 29th 2017 through the 2nd of February 2017 to collaborate on Mission A&A. The goal of the mission was to ensure that no child was left behind in healthcare or education. They came together to fight illiteracy and to also give support to the less-privileged to the best of their abilities. The project was unlike any other the team members had ever seen because of its extensive goals. They had only four days to visit different places in a state as wide as Borno as well dealing with any other challenges that may have come their way. “This project was tremendous and it was very exhausting both physically and mentally but the warm smile and warmth we felt from the children and their parents was a huge boost to the morale of Ayimaba members and also the members of Human Value foundation. Thinking back on it now, I realize that the fours days went by quickly and although they were exciting, they were equally as exhausting. For as long as we the Ayimaba members and the members of Advocacy for Human Value foundation together with other charity groups can keep putting a smile on the faces of the people I do not mind doing a project of an even greater scale.” Said Adam Bulama and Fatima Habib, Founders of Ayimaba Charity and Advocacy for Human Value Foundation, when asked about what kept them going and if they would do another project that’s as equally intensified as this.
The two teams travelled around different parts of Borno. The teams began their journey from University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital(UMTH) to Mafoni liberty Primary school and then finally to G.R.A Secondary school. They did two trips to UMTH, one of which was to the pediatric ward. The Ayimaba members continue to look forward to their future collaborations and exciting journey in making the world a better place for orphans, women and the elderly.

The two teams sorting their things out and getting ready to leave.


One of the several little boys the teams met in UMTH.
Some of the boys at Mafoni Liberty Primary School.
One of the many children without adequate healthcare in UMTH.
Advocacy for Human Value foundation and Ayimaba together with Hajja Bana.


Adovcacy for Human Value foundation and Ayimaba Charity together with the principal of G.R.A secondary school.
The two teams with some of the students at G.R.A secondary school.
The two teams holding placards to raise awareness of the two foundations.
The two teams holding placards to protest against illiteracy.



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