The undertaking goals for Mission A&A continues as the members of Ayimaba Charity and Advocacy for Human Value Foundation travel to Abuja to meet up with wecan Nigeria Foundation to continue the project. The area of focus for these three teams was  Poorest of the poor rehabilitation center (Anawim home) in Gwagwalada and Gwoza/Bama camp durumi in area1. The teams did not push for the goals of Mission A&A which was to make ensure that no child was left behind in healthcare and education as much as they did in Borno because Abuja was not part of their dominion. The teams decided to keep it simple by creating a slippers day where they distributed slippers to the less-privileged. Like any other project it was time consuming and very demanding however, the teams were able to succeed and fulfill their goals despite the fact of Abuja not being their jurisdiction and the fact that they lacked adequate resources or enough connections.

From the many people and children the team saw was one who stood out in particular. His name was not mentioned nor given but from the looks of it he seemed to range from around ages 7-10. He was unusual and unlike other boys like his age, he would often behave like a savage or an animal thus having the possible diagnosis of clinical lycanthropy.

The teams continue to look forward to their future projects while hoping and striving to  put more smiles on the faces of children, women, and orphans.


The three team leaders together with sister Rose and some of the children from Awanim home.
The teams in Gwoza/Bama camp durumi.





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